Seductive Cycles Bylaws

All members will abide by these bylaws.

This organization shall be known as “Seductive Cycles." This may be abbreviated as "SC" or extended to "Seductive Cycles Sport Bike Club."


To bring structure to Seductive Cycles and promote motorcycle safety, to promote and organize meetings, outings, classes, and other events of common interest to sport motorcyclists and motorcycling and, to most of all, ride. Seductive Cycles is a riding club, not a Motor Cycle Club (MC)! If it's an MC you’re looking for, Seductive Cycles is not the club for you.

The following bylaws may be altered, amended, or replaced and new bylaws adopted by the Club Board at any time. Any amendments made to the bylaws will require a 3/5majority vote of the Seductive Cycles Board. Votes will only be counted after all 5 board members cast their vote. All board meetings will take place 1 hour prior to member meetings.

Club Board:

A board member is one of the following positions:

1. President

2. Secretary

3. Treasurer

4. Sgt. At Arms

5. Road Captain


Duties of the President:

(a) Preside over club meetings, functions and activities.

(b) See to the enforcement of the objectives and purpose of this organization and it’s by-laws.

(c) Coordinate, direct, and manage the business functions and activities of the club as required to ensure continuity and success of club and the club objectives.

(d) The President shall inform the Secretary when the President is unable to preside over any club meeting, function or activity.

(f) He is a voting member of the Board.

Duties of the Secretary:

(a) To perform the duties of the President in case of absence or inability of the latter.

(b) Serve as the Activities Coordinator in scheduling, planning, and ensuring proper arrangements are made for all club-sponsored activities and events.

(c) As necessary performs other duties which may be assigned by the President.

(d) Maintain an up-to-date membership list available by request by any member of the Clubwith in 24 hours of request.

(e) Maintain a record of all club meetings and record them in the appropriate section of the forum within 48 hours.

(f) He is a voting member of the Board.

Duties of the Treasurer:

(a) Coordinate reimbursement expenditures through the Board and the club.

(b) Receive, record, and report all monies or property donated to, paid to, or owned by the club.

(c) Keep an account of all receipts and disbursements so that a statement of the financial condition of the club is available upon request by the officers or general membership.

(d) Prepare an end-of-quarter report for the Board to be shared at the first meeting of each quarter.

(e) He is a voting member of the Board.

Duties of the Sergeant at Arms:

(a) He is to insure order during meetings.

(b) He is to act as the clubs chief parliamentarian and shall decide all issues of parliamentary procedure according to Robert=s Rules of Order.

(c) He is chairman of the rules committee. (d) He is the chairman of any formed honor committee (judiciary).

(e) He is to enforce any sanctions decided by the board or the club.

(f) He is a voting member of the Board.

Duties of the Road Captain:

(a) Road Captains will assist in Club rides assuring that, as much as possible, the rides are well laid out, pre-ridden (if at all possible), and made as safe as possible for those attending these rides.

(b) Parking detail or assisting in special Club sponsored events.

(c) The main responsibility and priority the Road Captain is safety at all times for all riders attending Club rides and events.

(d) Road Captains will set forth good examples for those attending Club rides and inform the group of safe group riding practices and procedures at pre-ride meetings.

(e) Road Captains will become completely familiar and adhere to Club rules and requirements for rides and events as set forth by the Club and the Board and enforce these rules on all rides and at all events.

(f) He is a voting member of the Board.

Website Administration:

The site Admin will remain the club founder. The site admin privileges shall not be taken from the founder of the club until such time that the admin has decided. The site admin will designate who will become his successor and this rule shall be in effect for the named successor.

Membership Meetings:

Membership meeting will be held the second Saturday of each month. There will be no minimum number of members required to be present at a membership meeting to pass motions. All members are encouraged to attend membership meetings to ensure their voice is heard and their votes count. Additional business meetings may be called by the President or by a majority request (50+1%) of the General Membership to accommodate specific club circumstances. All meetings will follow Parliamentary Procedure.


The "order of business" is the established sequence in which business is taken up during a meeting. It is a guide for meetings and provides plan for the orderly conduct of business.

Call to Order

I. REPORTS OF OFFICERS, BOARDS, AND STANDING COMMITTEES -- The President calls on only those members who have reports.

II. REPORTS OF SPECIAL COMMITTEES -- Special committees do not have continual existence, but exist solely for the purposes of a specific project.

III. UNFINISHED BUSINESS -- Unfinished business AKA "old business" refers to questions that have carried over from the previous meeting as a result of that meeting having adjourned without completing its order of business.

IV. NEW BUSINESS -- Following any unfinished business, the President asks, "Is there is any new business?" Members can introduce new items of business. V. Introduction of any prospective pledges.

VI. Voting of any pledge that has completed the pledge process.

Membership Voting:

A motion will require a simple majority of the membership present at the meeting to pass. Absentee voting will be allowed if vote is given in written form to a club officer. The officer will cast the vote for the member and the secretary will record the voting outcome.

Handling of a Meeting Topic:

President or ranking board member will begin discussions on each planned topic listed on the meeting thread. Each topic will be discussed with all attendees until all interested parties have had a chance to be heard. If a decision is necessary, the President or ranking board member will put it to a vote. Once the vote is taken, the secretary or stand-in will make note for the meeting minutes thread. Once all planned topics have been dealt with, the President or ranking board member will ask if anyone has anything new to bring up. The new topics will be handled in the same fashion as the planned topics above.

Membership Requirements:

There shall be no membership limits set for this club except those outlined within. Membership is open to any person who has an interest in motorcycles and or motorcycling, owns a sportbike, pays dues and has been invited to become a member. Sportbike ownership is required. Membership will vote on all prospective pledges. Pledges are accepted by majority vote at their first meeting appearance once they decide to pledge.

Membership is open to those who:

(a) Meet the membership criteria.

(b) Agree with the club purpose.

(c) Be in good standing in terms of conduct.

(d) Pay dues and agree to abide by club bylaws.

(e) Has been invited to pledge Seductive Cycles.

In order to qualify as a member of Seductive Cycles, an individual must belong to one of the following membership classes.

A. An Active member is a member, who owns a sportbike, who’s dues are fully paid, is in good standing with the club, and whose voting or membership privileges are in full force. The board can make an exception to any of requirement A with 2/3rd board vote. Active members must be a licensed motor vehicle driver with a valid motorcycle endorsement.

B. An Associate member is any adult person who resides in the same household as an active member (i.e.: spouse). Associate members shall have all the rights and benefits of a full member, except they shall not have the right to vote on club business. They do, however, have the right to voice opinions at club meetings.

C. An Honorary member may be proposed by an Officer of Seductive Cycles and must be voted in and approved for this position by the general membership. Honorary members do not need to pay yearly dues, although donations will be accepted. They are welcomed at any meeting or event where the general membership is invited. Honorary members will not have voting rights. An honorary member in good standing may convert to an active membership at any time. The pledge period shall not apply: normal voting requirements of Seductive Cycles members shall apply.

D. A Pledge must be invited by an active member to pledge the club. A pledge may be brought up for membership at any business meeting by any active member. Pledges do not have voting privileges concerning club business.

E. An Alumni member is a member who has completed a full term as a Board member. An Alumni member can also be a member who has been with the club for 5 years or more. Only Alumni members who pay dues will have voting rights and access to the Members section. Non dues paying Alumni have no voting rights and no access to Members or Board Members sections on the forum.

F. A Board Member is a member with a minimum of 6 months with the club. He has been elected by the club members to represent Seductive Cycles and has the responsiblity and authority to make decisions in the best interest of the club and its members. Board Members serve a term of one year. There is no term limit for Board Members. In the event that a Board member cannot complete his term for any reason the remaining Board members shall appoint a qualified member to fill the position and complete the term.

Official Logos or Seductive Cycles Name:

The club has several designs of logos for use on shirts, graphics, patches, etc. All members are required to place an SC graphic on their motorcycle where it can be seen. All members are required to purchase an official SC member t-shirt. Members are also encouraged to wear a patch on their leathers. All pledges must place a PLEDGE graphic on their motorcycle during the pledge process. Pledges are encouraged to purchase a "non-member" t-shirt to wear during their pledge process. The club Treasurer has all official SC gear available for purchase at the monthly meetings or events and is the only person able to collect money unless as alternate has been designated. Members are encouraged and entitled to use the logos and club name to create their own shirts, graphics, etc. However, no such use or alteration will be allowed without first getting prior approval from the Club Board. The approval for use must be by a majority vote of ALL board members.

Membership Application/Pledge Process:

Once a person has been invited to pledge the club, the Club membership will vote whether to proceed with the pledge process. The person wanting to pledge must be present at the meeting in order to be voted on. Only after a club vote will the pledge process begin. This will be decided by majority vote of the members present at the business meeting. An Active member in good standing will be assigned as a Sponsor. The Sponsor will be the Pledges Club contact. Pledges are required to keep in contact with their Sponsors throughout the Pledge Process. In order to be eligible to be voted in as an active member a pledge must complete (3) organized rides (1) of which must be organized by the pledge and attend (3) meetings. The meetings and rides do not need to be consecutive. Rides or meeting attendance prior to becoming a pledge will not count towards these totals. These requirements must be met within 6 months of becoming a pledge.

Membership Reapplication:

Any member that has quit the club for any reason must be invited back into the club and must re-pledge regardless of the amount of time it has been since the member quit.

Club Elections:

Election for all club Board positions will be held at the April business meeting each year. All candidates must be nominated, seconded and except their nomination by no later than 2 weeks prior to the April meeting. There are no exceptions to this rule. Only members that have been a member for a minimum of 6 months and that are in good standing with the club may hold a board position. Members that do not meet these requirements are not eligible to be appointed, nominated, or elected to a board position.

Dues and Fees:

The club Board shall determine dues and fees for active members. They may be subject to change at any time by a majority vote of the Board. Dues once paid are not refundable. Dues are $50.00 per year and must be paid within 30 days of the annual club elections meeting in april, or you will be considered in arrears. Members in arrears of yearly dues and/or fees shall be considered delinquent.

The following actions will be enforced if a member is found to be delinquent by the board.

• Any member one-month delinquent shall be disqualified from voting on Club business.

• Any member at two months behind will have their membership cancelled.

• A member so expelled that wishes to reapply for membership would first have to pay the delinquent dues owed and then follow the procedure outlined in Membership Reapplication.


Any member may be expelled for conduct unbecoming of Seductive Cycles member. In such an event, a member or board member, who will then bring it to the attention of the Club Board for review, shall submit a written or verbal complaint. The Club Board will then make its recommendations for further action. There will be a Three Strike Rule in effect. A member may receive at least two written and/or verbal warnings of his/her actions, before being fully expelled as an active member. The second strike will result in loss of Club benefits for a period of up to three months. Under extreme circumstances the Club Board will have the right to waive the Three Strike Rule and expel a member from Seductive Cycles at any time. Any member may be removed for cause by a three fifths (3/5) majority vote of members present at any business meeting following a discussion of the cause. All rights and privileges of a member will cease upon the member’s expulsion and/or termination.

Rules of Conduct:

1. Use of drugs, or the abuse of alcohol, will not be tolerated. Individuals caught breaking this rule will be subject to disciplinary action by the board. Active members will be responsible for any Pledge they are sponsoring or guest(s) brought along. Please inform them Seductive Cycles wishes to keep a positive image within the community.

2. All Active members, and Pledges, are required to proudly fly the Seductive Cycles logo on their motorcycle. Wearing of Club logos, shirts and hats to our monthly meetings and events is not required, but encouraged.

3. Meetings are to be held on the second Saturday of every month. Active members are expected to attend all monthly meetings.

4. Members and Pledges must be at least 18 years old.

5. No one shall discriminate against Race, Creed, Color, Age, Sex, or Sport bike of any member or anyone not a member of Seductive Cycles. Discrimination of any form is not welcomed and will not be tolerated.

6. Members are responsible for knowing and following the Road Rules, as published on our web site. The safety of all members depends on your actions while riding in the group. Violators or violations may be pointed out during rides in a spirit of safety and camaraderie. Flagrant and repetitive violators may be asked to not ride with the group.

7. No one is to start, create, or make trouble of any kind, at any place. We always want to maintain a positive image as a Club in our community. If you are having a problem with another Member or Pledge and you cannot work things out civilly amongst yourselves, bring it to the attention of the board and it will be resolved from there.

8. When you are sporting the Seductive Cycles Patch at a Club function, or riding in a group with a couple of buddies, or just solo, you are representing Seductive Cycles as a whole. Please conduct yourself in a manner that reflects a positive attitude and philosophy of motorcycling and the good name of our Club.


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